Orcal Arios 125+ Scooter Launch In Europe – Features 9.3L Fuel Tank, 14.6HP

French motorcycle company, Orcal-Motor, just roll out the all-new Arios 125 compact scooter in Europe.

  • features 125cc engine capable of producing 14.6hp and 12.5Nm.
  • equipped with a 9.3L tank and has a range of more than 300km.
  • braking is regulated by an ABS. 

The Arios 125+ features decent performance and technology while bringing you the comfort you needed for daily commuting.

Sharing the same powertrain as the SK01 naked motorcycle, the Arios gets and extra 1.2 ponnies for a total of 14.6hp and 12.5Nm.

Power is delivered to the rear wheel via an automatic CVT transmission.

Despite the small engine, the Arios features a remarkable range of 387km, thanks to a large fuel tank of 9.3L. This makes the Orcal Arios 125 an excellent choice as a daily ride.

Meanwhile, the 125cc scooter also equipped with 35mm telescopic front fork and gas powered rear shocks, 14-inch front and 13-inch rear wheel.

Braking power comes from a 256mm front disc with dual-piston callipers and a 220mm rear disc with a single-piston calliper. Additionally, the brake is also regulated by an ABS system.

According to the French company, the Arios is priced at EUR3,999 (RM17.7k).



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