Now Our Malaysian Rider Loses Bike in London

Paul Wong - Photo from his Facebook page
  • A Malaysian rider lost his bike in London.

  • The city was his last stop after reaching a other destinations.

  • We wish him the best and hope he has a way out soon.

A Malaysian rider who aimed to ride around the world lost his bike in London recently.

Paul Wong began his solo ride on 28th September to various destinations and London was his last stop. He parked his BMW S 1000 XR sport-tourer in front of a restaurant before it went missing, believed to have been stolen.

The red coloured bike bears Malaysian number plates, with a doll dog attached to the rearview mirror.

We hope Paul can be reunited with his bike soon or there’s a way for him out of this hardship.

The theft is in contrast with a number of foreign bikes that were tampered with or had their front brake calipers stolen in Malaysia. Brake caliper thefts may be rampant in Malaysia but not entire bikes, especially large capacity bikes.

It’s the reverse in London where motorcycle theft is an epidemic. The local police has got their hands full in trying to stamp out the crime, while vigilante groups have cropped up to “assist.” The police and insurance companies have advised motorcycle owners to install GPS trackers on their motorcycles lately.

Perhaps we should install such system in Malaysia soon, too.




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