New Type-Approval Documents Unveil Details On Zontes Upcoming ZT350

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Zontes, is set to unveil the ZT350-GK, the 2nd-generation version of the ZT310, as confirmed by type-approval documents submitted in China.

The documents show that the engine capacity increases to 348cc, which is set to replace the entire 310cc range for 2022.

Based on the certification, the new engine now makes 39hp, compared to 34.8hp previously available on the first-gen model.

The ZT350-GK is now 5 kilograms lighter than the previous generation models range despite the slightly bigger engine.

The ZT350-GK will be available in two variants, wire-spoke wheels and cast alloy.

Meanwhile, Zontes reportedly will also introduce the ZT350-R, ZT350-R1, ZT350-T, ZT350-V1 and ZT350-X1.

The 2022 model range is expected to be revealed later this year alongside the rumoured 650cc and 1,000cc motorcycle.



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