New Malaysian motorcycle brand to be introduced under NAP 2020

The recent launch and presentation of NAP 2020 (National Automotive Policy) showcase a lot of interesting points regarding the development of Malaysia’s overall automotive industry. One particular subject matter that we find interesting the most is the policy’s plan to develop two national cars and one national motorcycle brand under the new Malaysian Vehicle Project.

Here are the points taken directly from YAB Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad regarding the new Malaysian Vehicle Project.


The Government has made a conscious decision under NAP 2020 to implement the new Malaysian Vehicle Project, building on our efforts in developing two national cars and one national motorcycle.

The proposed new Malaysian Vehicle Project will emphasise on research and development (R&D) and incorporation of the latest technologies in order to be competitive in both domestic and global markets. New technology clusters as well as new expert workforce, especially in the field of automotive engineering would be developed consequently.

The new Malaysian Vehicle Project is expected to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic development through its support for both the upstream and downstream industries – creating the demand of other related materials, such as, high-grade steel, plastics, rubber and petrochemical products, which will stimulate further growth of these sub-sectors.

So far, no other details have been shared regarding the direction of this new national motorcycle brand apart from it being under the new Malaysian Vehicle Project and how it’ll help boost the economy through sales and providing more jobs. It all sounds good on paper but what’s your take on this matter?

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