New colours for Royal Alloy GP125 and GP180

Chear Global Sdn Bhd announces new colours for the Royal Alloy GP125 and GP180 retro scooters.

  • Royal Alloy GP125 and GP180 models each gains a new colourway option.

  • New for the GP125 now is a ‘Matt Black’ option, plus a ‘Metal Blue’ option for the GP180.

  • Mechanical specifications remains unchanged from before, as are their base retail prices.

The Royal Alloy GP125 and GP180 retro scooters have each gained a new colourway option. In the GP125’s case, there’s now a ‘Matt Black’ option available whereas the GP180 gains a tasty new ‘Metal Blue’ hue choice.

The revision was announced earlier today by the Royal Alloy brand’s distributors Chear Global Sdn Bhd. From what we understood, there are no mechanical or specification changes to report, meaning no changes to their respective air-cooled 125cc and 180cc single-cylinder powertrains.

Also unchanged here are the base prices each model commands – from RM12,497 for the GP125, and from RM15,252 for the high-specced GP180. Apart from the different engine sizes, both models are also set apart by the latter GP180’s addition offer of a single-channel ABS suite.

Check out more images of both these new colours in the gallery below. By the way, we recently had a go with the Royal Alloy GP180. You can read our take of it here, or watch our review video of which below.

Gallery: 2022 Royal Alloy GP125 – Matt Black

Gallery: 2022 Royal Alloy GP180 – Metal Blue



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