Nature Ride with Big Boys Adventure

The weekend is upon us and when it’s time to saddle up on your beloved motorcycles, several questions come to mind. Where to ride? Which route? Got any good places for breakfast or lunch? If you’re riding with the guys from Big Boys Adventure, you can be sure to not only have a great time, but also experience things that are usually ignored or forgotten during your usual two-wheel escapades.

When it comes to adventure riding, Big Boys Adventure has all the necessary experience, knowledge, and contacts to further elevate your weekend rides. We were invited to join one of their groups for a lovely ‘Nature Ride’ around Fraser Hill and Kuala Kubu Bharu. It’s the usual spot for some good weekend rides, but with Big Boys Adventure, they’ve included a few memorable stops along the way.

So, who is Big Boys Adventure? Founded and run by local adventure rider, Rusydi Razali aka “Didi”, he has organised countless adventure rides here in Malaysia as well as overseas. Their latest voyage outside of Malaysia was exploring Tanzania last year and judging by their official Instagram page, the participants surely had a once in a lifetime experience exploring the heart of Africa.

Back to our Nature Ride, Didi told us to meet up with him and the rest of the group one Sunday morning at Sri Hartamas. Before setting off, there was a short briefing to let everyone know what the plan for that day was, as well as some pointers on how to ride safely without compromising any of the fun.

There was the usual breakfast stop at the Kuala Kubu Bharu town before making our way up the winding roads to the foot of Fraser Hill. The traffic was tolerable at the time and as usual, everyone was already having a good time.

It was on our way down again when we made a stop at a place where we would normally just zoom past while enjoying the downhill corners of KKB. Didi made lunch reservations for us at The Sticks, an accommodation dedicated to offering the wonders of nature surrounded by lush forest and a river as an added bonus.

This was when we got to experience that Big Boys Adventure is not just some company set up for normal mundane rides. They’ve got all the details down in order to provide a memorable experience for everyone who decided to take part.

Speaking of everyone, we also got to know some followers of BBA who are always joining the rides organised by Didi. A mixed group of interesting individuals led to some amazing stories and beautiful friendships formed over the same common interest – motorcycles. Some incredible tales were shared along with a few laughs that also highlighted one of the most outstanding parts of Big Boys Adventure – the people.

All in all, it was indeed an amazing experience to ride with the folks from Big Boys Adventure. From well-planned itineraries to an equally amazing group filled with wonderful characters, you can be sure to have a good time every time you decide to join one of their many rides.

To know more, head over to and check out their official Instagram page.



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