MotoGP: Marc Marquez’s Honda RC213V tail pipe for sale – RM13,000!

HRC announced that they’ll be selling off a limited number of Marc Marquez’s Honda RC213V tail pipe as part of its Racing parts collectibles. That’s right, you can actually own a part of the world champion’s bike BUT it won’t come cheap and there are only a few of them to buy.

Taken straight from the 2018 and 2019 championship-winning Repsol Honda RC213V, these tail pipes come together with a serial number laser-etched on an aluminium plate, pedestal, acrylic case, official certificate, product specifications, as well as the 2018/2019 HRC season book.

There are only seven units of these bad boys on offer (4 units for the 2018 RC213V & 3 units for the 2019 RC213V) with a price tag of 330,000 yen including tax. That’s close to RM13,000 each, but we’re guessing that hardcore Marc Marquez fans will be willing to spend that amount of dough for some very interesting bragging rights.

Due to COVID-19, all sales will only take place online and the applications will start on 11 January 2021 up to 24 January 2021 via a dedicated application form on HRC’s official website. HRC knows that there will be more than seven applicants, which is why they will conduct a lottery to determine who will get to buy these tail pipes. To know more, CLICK HERE.

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Written by: Sep Irran


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