Moto Guzzi X Timberland Celebrates 100 Years With Special Collab

Moto Guzzi has teamed up with American footwear company, Timberland, to produce a series of collections to celebrate the Italian company 100th anniversary.

The collection includes Moto Guzzi X Timberland Waterproof Winter Extreme Gore-Tex Super Race Boot, Moto Guzzi X Earthkeepers Boot, leather jacket, half zip hoodie, a long sleeve tee and selvedge denim pants.

However, the Waterproof Winter Extreme Gore-Tex Super Race Boot caught our attention as it remarkably features the Mandello iconic colour scheme of black and red.

It also offers ample ankle support with high top construction, while the Vibram rubber sole provides a better grip.

The Super Race boots are available via at USD332 (RM1.3k). By the way, we took a look at Timberland Malaysia, and the collection is yet to be made available. (not sure it ever will, though).



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