Meet Yatri Project Zero – Nepal’s first electric bike

The world of electric mobility is getting bigger by the day and the latest addition to this ever-growing industry comes in the form of the Yatri Project Zero; Nepal’s first electric bike. Yes, it’s an advanced electric motorcycle hailing from Nepal. Talk about awesomeness.

Concerned about the environment, Yatri decided that be a company that supports the future of urban mobility without contributing the more pollution into the world. Hence, the Yatri Project Zero came to life and according to reliable sources, we might be able to see it go up for sale as soon as March 2020.

Its main design inspiration called the ‘Philosophy of Elegance’ offers one hell of clean looking café racer that’s very modern but not too modern like some concept bikes introduced over the years. This bike is targeted not only to those who are concerned for the environment but also for those who have a finer taste in life.

Its 30kW electric motor offers a healthy 40hp but what’s more impressive is the fact that the Project Zero can travel up to 230km with a single full charge. How long does it take to charge it up to 100%? Only two hours. If you plug it into a standard wall outlet during your one-hour lunch break, that’s 100km added to the range.

Perhaps its most impressive feature is its seven-inch full-HD display that offers every single important information to the rider from vital telemetry data to navigation with a tap of the screen. Connected to the Yatri Hub first-in-class ecosystem, riders are provided with real-time data to make sure that they’re always connected.

Pre-orders are now open for those who are interested but there’s still no news on the availability as well as pricing. What we do know is that Yatri from Nepal is doing something very cool with a bike that has a huge potential to succeed.

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