KYMCO AK 550 Gets Euro 5 Upgrade- 51HP, 55.6Nm!

KYMCO, a Taiwan-based motorcycle manufacturer known for its scooter lineup, has updated its biggest scooter available, the AK 500.

The AK 550 maintains the parallel-twin engine but now boasts Euro 5 compliance, making it on par with the famous Yamaha TMAX 560.

The motorcycle also received a revised exhaust system to meet the Euro 5 standards.

Although the AK 550 is 10cc lower than the TMAX, the engine produces a higher power, at 51hp and 55.6Nm compared to 47.5hp available on the Yamaha.

For 2021, the AK 550 also received modern electronics consist of a throttle-by-wire system that offers better finesse and control at low and high RPM.

Nevertheless, the AK 550 still maintain other goodies such as Brembo brakes, lightweight aluminium frame, upside-down fork and adjustable mono-shock.

The bad news is, the AK 550 is currently not available in Malaysia.



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