How Kawasaki Motors Malaysia is giving back to the community

Kawasaki Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd (KMSB) is known for being actively involved in several activities and program as a way to give back to the community.

Events from road safety campaigns to Hari Raya Open Houses, KMSB has organised a number of programs as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Kawasaki Malaysia is also very particularly active this year in organising a special test ride road show across the country where they offer test rides plus free bike inspections.

Most companies nowadays are focused on bringing in the best products to the market as their main method of earning an income. It’s no different for Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (KMSB) and their extensive list of outstanding bikes currently on sale. Apart from the bikes, did you know that Kawasaki Malaysia is also very active when it comes to giving back to the community?

Many companies around the world practise what’s known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and this year particularly, Kawasaki Malaysia has been going across the country doing just that. At the beginning of the year, KMSB organised a road safety campaign for all participating motorcyclists at the Sungai Besi toll plaza back in January.

Motorcycle owners were given a free helmet and high visibility vest to ensure that they’re always safe and visible on the roads especially during the long holidays when the roads are jammed pack. KMSB also organised the event to increase the awareness of proper motorcycle maintenance by giving out complimentary 16-point motorcycle checks by trained technicians and mechanics from KMSB.

To know more about the KMSB road safety campaign, CLICK HERE.

KMSB is also known for their generosity in all shapes and forms. Back in July, they organised a very special ‘Open House’ in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. Everyone from KMSB staff to members of the Kawasaki Owners Group Malaysia (KOGM) motorcycle club joined in the fun as they gathered at the Dewan Angkasaraya near the TUDM airbase in Sungai Besi.

As part of the holy Islamic celebrations, KMSB invited a few orphanages to join in all the celebrations as one of their ways to give back to the society. Lucky draw sessions and a variety of entertainments were setup to make sure that all attendees had a great time including a test ride session for all their latest 2017 bikes from the Versys-X 250, Z650 ABS, Ninja 650 ABS up to their Z900 ABS.

To know more about the KMSB Hari Raya Open House, CLICK HERE.

Prior to the Hari Raya Open House, KMSB’s generosity quadrupled in the holy month of Ramadan where over 100 participants were involved in a very special charity program where they helped with making and distributing over 3,000 packs of bubur lambuk (porridge) all around the Klang Valley area.

Everyone related to KMSB were happy to lend a helping hand from cooking the porridge from scratch all the way to giving them out to police station, fire station, orphanages and those who attended the nearby Bazaar Ramadan.

To know more about the bubur lambuk cookout during this year’s fasting month, CLICK HERE.

Kawasaki Malaysia is also very particularly active this year in organising special test ride sessions during their “Always Closer to You” road show across the country. They would visit different cities and provide test rides to those who are interested in becoming future Kawasaki motorcycle owners.

Apart from the test rides, KMSB also took the opportunity to provide free service and 16-point free inspection to all Kawasaki owners which were inspected by top hand service personnel when they come with their machines. It is clear that KMSB is very particular about the safety and wellbeing of their motorcycles as well as the owners themselves.

To know more about the Kawasaki Malaysia “Always Closer to You” nationwide road show, CLICK HERE.

KMSB is also known to show great support to local talents who are interested in the motorcycle industry whether it’s tearing up the tracks in races such as the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSC) or forming collaborations to help develop future Kawasaki motorcycle specialists.

It was only last month when KMSB exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GIATMARA Sdn Bhd. Today’s event serves to witness the exchange of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and officially launch the Superbikes Training Program, which is the result of the collaboration between GIATMARA and KMSB.

The collaboration between the two parties is aimed at enhancing the skills and entrepreneurial mindset for the Malaysian superbikes industry. GIATMARA is the ideal platform as a technical and vocational skills training institute which will enable trainees to gain valuable experience and expertise of KMSB in the field of superbikes.

To know more about the Superbikes Training Program between GIATMARA and KMSB, CLICK HERE.

As big part of the Malaysian community, Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is not just here to provide you with the best that Kawasaki has to offer when it comes to amazing motorcycles and after-sale services. They are also actively involved in making the society around them a better one by organising different activities and events as their way to give back to the society. Like the saying goes “Excellence is not about being the best, it is about doing your best.”



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