Kawasaki Celebrates The Z Series 50th Anniversary With Four Special Models

Kawasaki marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Z Series with four special models.

To honour the signature models, Kawasaki recreates the look of its Z900RS and Z650RS, while the naked siblings, the Z900 and Z650 get a trailblazing new colour.

Kawasaki developed a special painting process for the Z900RS and Z650RS to capture the colour scheme of the original Z1 with a combination of a deeper brown and burnt orange candy.

In addition, the RS also gets a vibrant gold wheelset.

Team Green also adds the 50th-anniversary emblem on the tank and engine case cover including a retro-inspired 900 Double Overhead Camshaft badge.

While the Z900RS and Z650RS is almost a perfect rendition of the original Z series, the Z900 and Z650 displayed the Z1100GP Firecracker Red livery.

The modern Z900 and Z650 also get a blazing red rim along with the anniversary emblems on the fuel tank and fender.

According to reports, the 50th Anniversary Z Series will land in Japan on February 1 2022.



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