Japanese Aftermarket Specialist Makes Carbon Kit For 2019 Suzuki Katana 

Japanese aftermarket parts specialist, Magical Racing, has introduced a number of carbon components for the 2019 Suzuki Katana 1100.

  • Magical Racing introduced a bespoke carbon parts for the 2019 Suzuki Katana.
  • The carbon kit includes the iconic longtail seat inspired by the 80s Katana. 

The kit consist of bar ends, belly pan, headlight cowl. front and rear fender and a windscreen. However, Magical Racing also introduced the nostalgic longtail seat which was previously available on the 80s Katana.

The longtail unit includes a tail light and is available in three trims, FRP Black, Plain Weave Carbon and Twill Weave Carbon.

Also, there is an option to put a piece of carbon on the back of the tank. 

Other carbon parts available for the 2019 Katana also includes a carbon-black BST wheels.

According to Magical Racing, the longtail unit is available from JPY177,000 (RM5.9k) up to JPY273,600 (RM9.1k).

Meanwhile, the Suzuki Katana is available in Malaysia for RM77,989. 



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