Italian Town Issues “Ducati” Banknotes

A small Italian town issued their own “Ducati” banknotes.

It is distributed to residents who are in need.

The notes enable the folks to shop in local businesses.

A small Italian town with only 550 residents called Castellino del Biferno minted their own “Ducati” banknotes during the current Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Italy was the nation hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic after China, before surges in other countries. The government has since placed the entire nation under lockdown to stem the spread of the disease.

Obviously, the lockdown has also hit the town which is situated in southern Italy. The town’s mayor, Enrico Fratangelo explained the decision to save the local economy. There are only four businesses open now.

The central government had previously disbursed a € 5,500 grant to distribute food vouchers to the townsfolk. The town council added some of its savings and came up with the Ducati banknotes. The notes were then distributed to some 200 families with various needs.

The local residents can then spend the money at local businesses. Shops will send the notes to the local council every fortnight and be reimbursed. The mayor believes the notes will also impart a sense of belonging.

One “Ducati” is worth € 1, “Five Ducati” are equivalent to € 5, and so forth. The mayor says doing so avoids confusion especially among senior citizens.


Source: euronews



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