India’s Ultraviolette F77 Electric Sports Bike Open For Pre-Order – 33.5HP, 90Nm

India-based Ultraviolette is now accepting pre-orders for the F77 electric sports bike.

  • The F77 makes 33.5hp and 90Nm.
  • The bike is 7 kilograms lighter than the Yamaha R25.

Ultraviolette developed the F77 thanks to an investment by TVS Motor Company, the same entity that acquired Norton Motorcycle’s brand in the UK.

Despite running on an electric motor, other areas are relatively conventional.

That said, the F77 features a steel trellis frame with an upside-down front fork and preload-adjustable gas-charged rear shock absorbers.

Braking is done by a 320mm disc with single four-pot radially-mounted ByBre callipers at the front and 230mm disc with single-piston floating calliper at the rear.

The bike also features dual-channel ABS for better braking and traction during the wet condition.

The best bit, though, is the motor; while most electric bike runs on a 125cc-equivalent electric powertrain, the F77 produced 25kW (33.5hp), 2hp less than the 250cc Yamaha R25.

However, thanks to the superiority of electric motors, the F77 puts out a massive 90Nm as compared to the R25 22.6Nm. Despite the big battery, the F77 weighs only 158kg, 7kg less than the R25.


Meanwhile, Ultraviolette takes pride in its new battery technology.

“Our batteries are more than power modules.

“State of the art cooling mechanisms, new-age sensors, multiple mechanical, electrical and thermal fail-safe protocols – make these among the most advanced and robust batteries worldwide.”

The F77 battery is one of the bike’s unique features because the batteries communicate not only with one another but can also communicate with batteries from other F77s.

Additionally, the batteries can be fully charged within five hours with a standard wall charger and to 80% in just three hours. However, the F77 can be fully charged in just 90 minutes with a fast charger.

The battery is also entirely removable and can be charged elsewhere without the bike.



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