INCOMING: HJC Helmet Malaysia 2020 Collection!

HJC Helmet Malaysia will be introducing their latest 2020 collection and you can expect a lot of good choices and varieties when they arrive at authorised dealers nationwide. Sometime after the second quarter of 2020, you can get your hands on the latest 2020 HJC F70, i90, i40, V90, and V30. That’s just the start as more new models will arrive in the coming months!

Starting with the HJC F70, it’s their latest compact full-face helmet made with the manufacturer’s latest fibreglass material, technology and manufacturing process. Specifically designed for sport-touring, the F70 is lightweight, comfortable, and offers a great fit for most common Asian heads. One rule that you can always rely on is that if it fits well, it’s safe.

It also comes with an internal sun visor with excellent sunlight blocking properties that won’t impair your vision from those anti-fog and anti-scratch exterior visor that also comes with anti-fog lens pin and insert lens.

2020 HJC F70 sport touring helmet

Other features include:

  • MultiCool interior pads with advanced anti-bacteria fabric
  • Interior grooves for those wearing glasses
  • Ready for SMART HJC Bluetooth (we’ll get to that later)
2020 HJC i90 sport modular helmet

Moving on, there’s the i90; HJC’s latest flip-up helmet offering ready with an internal sun visor that’s perfect for daily commutes in urban areas as well as long-distance touring. Constructed with the company’s ‘Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell’, the i90 is a more compact package with great versatility.

Just like the F70, the i90 also comes with MultiCool interior pads with advanced anti-bacteria fabric which not only helps to keep you cool but also feeling (and smelling fresh) thanks to its ‘advanced silver antibacterial fabric’. Now that’s cool, literally.

The i90 is also SMART HJC Bluetooth ready where you can essentially pair the helmet with the brand’s proprietary Bluetooth and action-camera systems co-developed with another very popular and huge brand, Sena.

2020 HJC V90 ‘vintage’ modular helmet

If you’re in the market for something ‘vintage’ but also don’t want to sacrifice any of the cool specs that you’ve read above, HJC has got you covered with the V90. Designed with an old-school façade, this beauty is actually a modern modular helmet (flip-up) with a bubble face shield!

The bubble face shield visor offers greater peripheral vision and if things get a bit too bright, the V90 is also fitted with an internal sun visor that’s easily deployed thanks to a new wire operation system and easy-to-reach lever position. AND it’s anti-fog coated AND the liners are made with advanced anti-bacterial fabric that wicks sweat away from your face.

2020 HJC i40 open face helmet

If open-face helmets are more your style, you can check out the latest i40 and V30. The i40 is a semi-jet urban motorcycle helmet that’s modern and stylish for all you youngsters while the V30 caters to a more ‘vintage’ enthusiasts that go together really well with café racers, custom bikes, choppers, low riders, and old-school machines.

The i40 comes with all the works seen in the brand’s mid to high-end offerings like Silvercool™ Interior, Integrated Sunshield, Anti-fog lens pin, RapidFire™ Shield Replacement System, and great ventilation to help cool things down during those hot blistering days. The micro buckle system provides added safety and convenience even when you have your glove on.

2020 HJC V30 ‘vintage’ open face helmet

Ending with the V30, urban riders can appreciate its three-step shield adjustment, speaker pockets dedicated for your Bluetooth devices (no more cutting out big chunks from the inside), Silvercool™ Interior, and finished with leather/suede combo + red stitching.

As for SMART HJC Bluetooth system, watch the video below!

Expect these helmets to arrive at authorised HJC dealers sometime in Q2. As for their new race-ready helmets, expect the arrival of the new carbon series, the RPHA 11 Carbon, RPHA 70 Carbon, and the RPHA 90S Carbon. Brace yourselves, HJC is coming in strong for 2020!



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