Husqvarna Reveals Vekktor Concept Electric Scooter

Shortly after announcing the E-Pilen electric motorcycle, Husqvarna pulls the wrap over Vekktor, another electric concept for the future.

Openly intended for urbanites seeking compact and practical personal transportation, the Vekktor concept is Husqvarna first electric scooter.

Husqvarna claimed the Vekktor develops a top speed of 45km/h with a range up to 95km.

Alongside the E-Pilen, the Vekktor projected the company vision for urban electric mobility.

The Vekktor and E-Pilen can be view up close at KTM Motohall in Mattighofen, Austria, including another Husqvarna concept, the Blitz, a foldable electric scooter.

The Vektor and E-Pilen reflect Husqvarna vision to expand zero-emission mobility in the future.



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