Honda Possibly Working On A 750cc Equivalent Electric Motorcycle

Honda Motorcycle: Carbon Neutrality through Electrification

Honda is reportedly working on an electric motorcycle with a power output equivalent to a 500cc to 750cc petrol-powered bike, according to Shinji Aoyama, the head of Honda’s global electrification program.

This would be a step up from the smaller electric scooters and 125cc-equivalent bikes currently on the market. Aoyama stated that Honda is hoping to release this electric motorcycle by 2025.

This news is in line with Honda’s previous announcement that they are working on electric motorcycle development specifically for racing. 

Aoyama also revealed that Honda is researching the development of solid-state batteries for future EVs, a technology also being studied by other automakers such as BMW and Ford.

While some motorcycle manufacturers, like KTM, have been dismissive of the idea of larger, high-powered electric motorcycles, Honda’s willingness to invest in this technology is an interesting development. 

It remains to be seen how the motorcycle market will react to the release of Honda’s electric motorcycle, but it’s clear that the industry is beginning to shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

(source: Young-Machine)



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