Honda Patents New Electric Scooter In India

Honda is likely to introduced an all-new electric scooter in India after filing a new patent application in the country. 

  • borrows similar design cue from the Activa.
  • features 12v battery unit, telescopic fork and double-sided swingarm. 

India’s motoring publication, AutoCarIndia published the new patent application showing what could Honda upcoming e-scooter would look like.

*credit: AutoCarIndia

As expected, the image showcased an e-scooter that looks similar to the Activa.

Firstly, the front fascia – including the handlebar and headlight – shares similarities with the Activa. However, the rest of the bodywork looks new.

According to reports, the e-scooter is equipped with hub-mounted motor to reduce clutter and the production cost. 

The patent also shows a 12v battery unit, telescopic forks, single rear shocks and double-sided swingarm. 

The swingarm is mounted to the 10-inch rear wheels with drum brake. 

The e-scooter is likely to be introduce in the Indian market in 2023. 



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