Handsfree Devices Could Become Illegal in the UK

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  • A group of UK lawmakers are pushing to ban handsfree devices for motorcyclists.

  • Having a Bluetooth communicator is the safest way of accessing the phone’s functions such as navigation, intercom and music.

  • Hope no gila kuasa (power hungry) group in Malaysia will suggest this dumb idea.

A group of UK lawmakers are pushing to ban handsfree devices for motorcyclists.

The suits are of the opinion that devices such as Bluetooth (CT) communicators are no different in distracting riders as holding the phone themselves.

In opinion, such a suggestion is only made by those who have never ridden a motorcycle and definitely not used a BT intercom. A BT intercom allows the user to make and receive calls in the helmet. Besides that, he can stream music or radio programming while riding, but there are advantages beyond that function.

Streaming music via BT means the rider can also stream satnav (satellite navigation) instructions via voice commands, rather than having to keep looking down at the phone. Besides that, it’s the best way to communicate with the passenger and other riders.

If BT communicators are not allowed for reasons of being distracting, shouldn’t the radio be banned in cars too? Most, if not all, new cars these days have phone connectivity through BT, as well.

Sure, this recommendation is happening in the UK, but wait till a certain gila kuasa (power hungry) “safety” group suggests the same thing here in Malaysia, like they how they advised the government that bikes should be limited to only 70 km/h and confined to the left lane.



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