H-D1 Marketplace debuts as new destination for pre-owned Harley-Davidson bikes

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Pre-owned Harley-Davidson bikes are now just a click away through new H-D1 Marketplace platform.

Famed American bar-and-shield motorcycle marque Harley-Davidson took more steps into the new digital age this week after launching its novel new H-D1 Marketplace.

Integrated into its main website, H-D1 Marketplace was devised as a means to connect audiences with alternative means to get into Harley-Davidson ownership through its primary function as a pre-owned motorcycles listing.

“The H-D1 Marketplace platform will connect our customers, community and our strong dealer network, with the goal to become the largest marketplace for pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the United States.,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson.

Presently, the inventory features pre-owned and used Harley-Davidson bikes from authorised dealers in and around America. Thee platform also has a ‘Sell My Bike’ feature that fosters direct access between existing Harley-Davidson owners with potential buyers.

This novel endeavour will perhaps bolster Harley-Davidson in its efforts of turning its business around following its struggles in recent years. Speaking of which, there are some positive signs if its recent Q2 2021 sales figures are anything to go by.

While it’s too soon to see how the novel new H-D1 Marketplace will contribute to its business recovery, it’s no argument that the move is a pro-active one by Harley-Davidson. Let’s hope we see this platform implemented for other markets overseas too.




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