GTA: Jakarta? Not! Motorcycle Thief Faints After Being Chased

Screen grab from Adnan Sempit for illustrative purposes - Credit Metrowealth Pictures
  • A motorcycle thief thought he had easy pickings.

  • But he fainted from exhaustion after being chased.

  • Jakarta police arrested him while he was still unconscious.

A motorcycle thief passed out after being chased relentlessly by the owner of the motorcycle he stole.

Tanah Abang Police Chief Sr. Adj. Comr. Lukman Cahyono said the thief had stolen a motorcycle outside a house.

The owner of the motorcycle had left the engine on while warming it up. The thief saw his opportunity and jumped on it and rode off.

But his thoughts of an easy score was dashed when the owner gave chase on another motorcycle. The chase kept up until Tanah Abang in Central Jakarta. By then the engine of the stolen motorcycle had given up and sputtered to a halt.

The thief got off and ran on foot, while still being hounded by the motorcycle owner. Finding himself cornered, he decided to jump into flood canal (a large storm drain) and tried to swim away.

However, he fainted from exhaustion after pulling himself up on the far bank.

The police arrested the GTA-wannabe while he was still unconscious. The owner of the motorcycle recovered his vehicle and brought it home.

Source: Jakarta Post



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