GrabFood Rider Delivers on a Ducati Hypermotard

  • We’re used to accepting GrabFood delivery from riders on small bikes. But this rider uses a Ducati Hypermotard.

  • He’s not wrong to say he’s the fastest delivery rider!

  • Hopefully, we could get him to delivery before the fries become soggy.

We’re pretty used to using GrabFood delivery service by now. Similarly, we admire the dedication of the riders who brave Kuala Lumpur’s mad traffic, rain and shine to deliver hot food to us. But here’s a rider who delivers on Ducati Hypermotard.

We’re also used to seeing the guys (and gals) pull up on Yamaha 135 LC, Yamaha Y15ZR, Honda RS150 and so forth. This writer has personally encountered a small number of 200cc and 250cc bikes. But the Hypermotard is certainly different.

A GrabFood rider shared a video of himself delivering a few sticks of lemang to his customers recently on Twitter. @HerySevani had the trademark green “backpack” on the back of the Ducati.

He tweeted in Bahasa Malaysia, “The customer wanted lemang, so I bought leman. Don’t be afraid to place your orders with me for the fastest delivery.”

Well, of course he provides the fastest delivery, since the Hypermotard is made to slice and dice through the challenges thrown up by the city. His customers will have no problem hearing him arriving at their doorstep either, to the tune of a 90V-Twin. (Hope I can get him to deliver my order before the fries turn soggy.)

He also tweeted that he took the job as a part-timer to earn some petrol money for his bike.



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