GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 Day Three – Ipoh to Kuala Terengganu

Photo by Nikkasit Motography for GIVI
  • The GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 continues from Ipoh, Perak to Kuala Terengganu on Day Three.

  • The convoy covered 501 kilometres of Malaysian roads through three states.

  • It was heartwarming to see visitors enjoying the beauty of Malaysia.

The GIVI Malaysian Adventure 2019 continues from Ipoh, Perak to Kuala Terengganu on Day Three.

This leg was the longest of the ride, spanning 501 kilometres. While that distance doesn’t seem much for seasoned riders (there are plenty of them in the group), it’s the extremely hot and humid weather that’s got the organizers worried. Many had battled with exhaustion on the previous day’s ride and there’s a real concern that it will happen again today.

Thus, we checked out at 7.00am from the excellent Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat and were ready to roll by 8.00am. Many of us willed ourselves to leave the resort due to its amazing beauty and extremely courteous staff. It’s hoped that we would cover the majority of leg in cooler weather.

But it was a great decision to do so.

Because we were welcomed by hills covered in heavy mist from the previous night’s rain as soon as we exited the Menora Tunnel. Such sights just remind us of why we ride: Rather than viewing the scenery through a windscreen, we are actually part of the scenery when riding. (See main picture.)

The police escorts and marshals guided us safely to Xtream Craft Deco & Pottery in Kuala Kangsar.

The enterprise owner performed a demonstration on how to produce pots to the participants of the ride, then the participants took over. Of course, we ended up producing abstract art sculptures – to put it gently – which resulted in plenty of guffaws. Our handiwork will be cured and sent to us later.

We couldn’t spend too much time there, unfortunately, as we planned to arrive at our destination before dark.

We rode to the Belum Rainforest Resort at Gerik for our lunch. The resort is built into the surrounding forest and hills on an island in the middle of the Temenggor Lake. The lake, which is also known as Banding Lake, on the other hand, is man made as the catchment area for the Temenggor hydroelectric dam. The area has seen some developments lately but most of the flora and fauna are maintained.

It’s perhaps customary for us, but the convoy rode to the Banding Lake Boat House for a photography session. The beauty of the surrounding areas and the bridges which seemed to connect the outside world to the Belum Forest Reserve wowed the riders.

From there, it was a refreshing ride through the many corners along this route to the Titiwangsa Rest Area. Here, one could view part of the Titiwangsa mountain range – the backbone of Peninsular Malaysia rolling into the horizon. There were corners stacked upon corners but the only things that kept our exuberance in check were the dips and potholes in the apexes.

We kept pushing on toward the east coast. The sun was fully up by now. The Triumph 800 XR’s ambient temperature gauge showed 38oC. More and more riders could be seen standing up on their footpegs and sitting down along the way. The convoy was stopped as frequently as possible.

We were soon in the state of Kelantan. Now say what you want due to propaganda, but the locals were among the friendliest people we ever met. Kids and adults alike waved at us from the roadsides, and the men never hesitated to chat with us everywhere we stopped. the women, conversely, smiled and nodded their heads. The petrol station clerks thanked us twice for our business. And you could tell that their hospitality was genuine. Try that back in Kuala Lumpur.

Photo by Nikkasit Motographer for GIVI

Perhaps more importantly, our foreign friends were all smiles because of the hospitality they received. Imagine having ridden all day under our hot sun and humidity, and receiving sour faces by the locals.

The route we travelled was in good condition i.e. smooth and almost devoid of potholes. Or was that because the Tiger 800 XR’s suspension soaked up the patches? Thinking back, it was the latter. And thankfully, because the bike didn’t require to be muscled around despite being loaded down like a pack mule, thereby saving much energy.

Likewise, the GIVI equipment. They performed well beyond what was expected in terms of solid reliability to the point of being “invisible.” By invisible we meant that we didn’t have to worry about them at all. Our items were stored with confidence that they wouldn’t be damaged or go missing.

Anyway, we finally wound our way into the state of Terengganu, and we started seeing signboards pointing the way to Lake Kenyir.

Thankfully, the weather had started to cool by 5pm and we reached the Primula Beach Hotel along Pantai Batu Burok where the participants got their well-earned rest.

The GIVI Malaysian Adventure participants will travel over to Pulau Redang tomorrow (23rd July) for some surf, sand and sea.

Please click here for Day Two of this epic ride.

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