German Court Rules Sikh Bikers Are Not Exempt from Wearing Helmets

Sikh Motorcycle Club - Photo credit Peace Arch News
  • A German court judge ruled that Sikh bikers in the country must wear helmets.

  • The decision was in response to an appeal for Sikh bikers to continue riding in their dastaar.

  • The judge cited safety concerns.

A German court has decided to rule that Sikh bikers are not exempt from the country’s helmet laws.

The ruling was in response to a Sikh man’s appeal that a helmet could not fit over his dastaar (the traditional turban worn by Sikhs).

Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig judge Renate Philip said that the law does not excuse a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet on grounds of religion. He also added that a helmet protects the rider and avoid head trauma. Additionally, riders who do wear helmets can assist others in accidents.

Several countries have exemptions for wearing a motorcycle crash helmet. Malaysia is one among other countries which includes India, the United Kingdom, et al.

Similar appeals have been made by the Sikh biker community in Australia in 2017, where even cyclists are required to wear helmets.

Over in the United States of America, the New York Police Department (NYPD) ordered the Sikh Motorcycle Club members to wear helmets during the Sikh Day Parade in 2017, although they rode a slow, parade pace. The club members decided to park their motorcycles and parade by foot. They cited that it served as a great way to educate children on riding with helmets.

Source: RideApart



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