Flying Car? How about a Flying Motorcycle?

Motocycle hangs in powerlines in Thailand - Credit Honda CB650F Facebook group Thailand
  • A traffic accident in Thailand gave rise to a flying motorcycle.

  • Instead of landing back on the road, it got caught in powerlines.

  • The accident happened in the Surin province.

Forget about the sensational news of flying cars, we’ve got a flying motorcycle in the present, too.

Well, this is not exactly the case of a controlled powered flight here. A road accident in Thailand sent a motorcycle flying and ended being suspended from high-voltage cables, 10 metres off the ground.

Eyewitnesses at the scene in Kab Cheong district of the Surin province reported that the motorcycle was carried in the back of an Isuzu pickup truck.

According to them, the driver of the pickup swerved hard to avoid another motorcycle ridden against traffic. But the vehicle overturned and came to rest upside down. The motorcycle in its flat bed, on the other hand, was thrown in the air. The trajectory sent it into powerlines, instead of coming straight back down to earth.

The cab of the pickup was crushed in the impact. Luckily, the five occupants were hurt with no serious injuries and were sent to the hospital nearby.

The crushed Isuzu pickup – Credit CB650F Group Thailand

Source: The Phuket News



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