Ducati restarts factory production in Italy today

After a temporary halt in operations due to COVID-19, Ducati is set back to ‘gradually return to normal’ as the main factory in Borgo Panigale restarts production today (27 April 2020). The factory will be complying with new regulatory protocols to ensure the safety of all its staff members at the Bologna plant.

The factory will start production in phases starting with workshop staff followed by engine assembly workers and motorcycle assembly staff. Other employees outside of the production lines will continue their ‘smart working’ from home, except for those who are physically essential to be present at the Ducati factory.

In other words, every single aspect of how the Ducati factory has been operating in the past is or will be changed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. From work hours to production line setups and even canteen seating arrangements, Ducati is making sure that their workers are safe to work at the factory.

According to Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati, “It is absolutely essential to pay close attention to strict compliance with safety procedures: the virus has not disappeared. The work done jointly with the Emilia-Romagna Region has been important. It will be an extremely difficult year but starting up again is still a beginning; we have a lot of orders for the Streetfighter V4, for the Multistrada GT and for the Panigale V2. The motorbike is a perfect vehicle for ‘phase two’: no parking problems and distancing guaranteed; safety and fun at the same time.”

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