Ducati Introduces Smart Jacket With Integrated Air-Bag – RM4,299

To increase every ride safety, Ducati, in collaboration with Dainese, introduces the Ducati Smart Jacket, a revolutionary sleeveless vest with an integrated D-air® airbag.

The versatile jacket inflates in a uniform along the entire surface, thus creates a shield that wraps the rider’s body and guarantees protection during collision or accidents.

According to Ducati, the vest offers protection equal to that of seven Level 1 back protector.

The smart jacket is not just a ‘wearable’ airbag, it also comes equipped with an electronic control unit capable of reading data 1,000 times per second.

The electronic control unit detects autonomously dangerous situations such as sliding, high-siding of a rider, rear-end collision, impact with another object or stopped-vehicle impact, and activates the rider’s protection system.

The vest is available in both men and women version and easily foldable to be stored in a bag, and has a 26-hour battery life that can be charged via any USB socket.

Ducati Smart Jacket is priced at RM4,299 and available at Ducati Malaysia.



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