Do You Have Bakat Besi? Take part in this contest and show us what you have!

Modenas Malaysia had recently launched the Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina contest (translated vis-a-vis as Metal Talent), Malaysia’s inaugural talent search program for motorcycle design and engineering. (No, it’s not a talent show for heavy metal bands, sorry guys.)

Motorcycle builders, mechanics, students and enthusiasts standa chance to build a career out of their passion for designing and building motorcycles. The first instalment of the program is Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina (Metal Talent: Design and Build) which seeks to unearth the appropriate talents.

There has never been a lack of creative talents here in Malaysia. Instead, they are hidden from mainstream view due to either lack of continuous exposure or mainly just because these builders are driven by their passion alone.

But what Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina aims to do is to bring these talents to the fore, with the opportunity to put their motorcycle design and engineering skills on the table, and to ultimately build a source of income for themselves and seeding the creativity of the Malaysian motorcycle industry.

The contest is divided into two categories. The first, called Bina Sifu, groups of 12 top builders (shown above) in Malaysia to customise the latest Modenas V15, Pulsar RS200 and Pulsar NS200. Modenas is the main sponsor of the Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina and they are sponsoring those bikes.

The 12 participants will be divided into six teams, consisting of a builder and constructor in each, and an RM10,000 budget is allocated to each team for the build. Entries will be judged on the grounds of aesthetics, performance and commercial value. The winner will receive a cash prize, a new Modenas motorcycle, and perhaps most importantly a production contract.

In the second category called Reka Sifu, contestants will submit their conceptual designs of a Modenas motorcycle or sticker designs. The entries will be judged by a panel, besides the public on social media.

The panel of judges will score 60% of the total points, while the remainder will be determined by the public.

As the Bina contest will be filmed, the public will gain exclusive insights to the design and build processes. The series consists of nine episodes and will be aired on Modenas’ official YouTube channel.

For more information on the contest, please log on to and follow Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina on R8DER’s Facebook page.

Watch the video below for more information regarding Bakat Besi!



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