Covec & Bull-it Jeans win Queen’s Award

How do you get recognised for a great business in the UK? Apart from having a superb line of products, companies can also strive to get the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Covec Limited, the parent company of motorcycle clothing brand, Bull-it Jeans, just got theirs and what an honour that is.

The award was given to Covec and Bull-it as a recognition for their success in exporting their products all over the world despite facing some tough competitions in the market for protective motorcycle clothing. Outside of the UK, you can find Bull-it Jeans in 14 other countries across Europe, North America, and more.

Their products have been getting huge demands thanks to their revolutionary textile embedded with ‘inflexible liquid crystal polymer’ that offers ‘abrasion resistance, moisture regain qualities and low thermal conductivity, all whilst enhancing the strength of the material.’ While Bull-it Jeans are made especially for riders, parent company Covec also caters to other markets from sportswear to military clothing.

Bull-it Jeans are also tied with a lot of big names in the industry such as Triumph Motorcycles, Rokker of Switzerland, KLIM USA, RevZilla, IXS, and The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club. Despite facing several major hurdles in the last few years, they have been grinding non-stop to build their brand and business to the point where they have successfully achieved the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Bull-it Jeans offer a wide range of casual-looking jeans that offer protection for fellow riders. Various designs and cuttings for both men and women can be found on their official website,, and they definitely look great for daily riding. Check out their range and up your daily riding gear!

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