Police nab two youths for stunting with their bikes

Image source: NST

17- and 18-year-old youths were picked up by police in Kelantan for stunting with their bikes on public roads.

  • Youths ages 17 and 18 nabbed by police in Kelantan for ‘stunting’ on public roads.

  • They were part of a larger group spotted performing said reckless acts by officers on patrol.

  • Both have been detained for further investigations with their bikes also confiscated.

  • PDRM will continue similar efforts to counter resurgence of ‘Mat Rempit’ activities.

Two youths, ages 17 and 18, were nabbed by police officers in Kelantan, after they were spotted ‘stunting’ with their bikes on a public road, according to local daily New Straits Times.

Both youths were spotted performing their reckless acts by a police patrol along Jalan Gual Periok-Gual Tok Deh, near Rantau Panjang, last night. Both were part of a larger group spotted performing these acts on said road yesterday shortly before evening Maghrib prayers.

“A patrol car spotted the group performing the dangerous acts in the middle of the road about 7pm. Seeing the police, some of the motorcyclists fled. Police managed to detain the two for allegedly being involved in performing various dangerous acts including zig-zags,” said Pasir Mas police chief Assistant Commissioner Nasaruddin Md Nasir to New Straits Times about the arrests.

Nasaruddin also confirmed that both youths were nabbed as part of a special operation codenamed ‘Ops Samseng Jalanan’. This aligns with the recent announcement by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) that sees it ramping up efforts to curb ‘Mat Rempit’ activities as such.

Both youths have since been detained for further investigations and have had their bikes confiscated. “The case is being investigated under Section 42(1) of the Road Transport Act for reckless and dangerous riding which could disturb other road users,” Nasaruddin added.

Lead image source: NST



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