CFMoto Working On Electric MX Models

CFMoto is preparing to launch two battery-powered miniature motocrossers, according to recently filed design registrations. 

While electric bikes have yet to fully catch on with mainstream riders, off-road competition represents a logical area for electric power, particularly at the lower end of the market. 

CFMoto’s new models are designed to offer virtually silent, emissions-free motocross racing, opening up the possibility of tracks being built in areas where noise complaints would preclude the use of gas-powered machines, and even allowing indoor use.

The two models appear to share the same motor and battery arrangement but with different-size frames and wheels. 

The smaller model features 10-inch wheels front and rear, similar to KTM’s SX-E 3. The larger model, with its 14-inch front and 12-inch rear wheels, targets older riders and has similar proportions to the Yamaha YZ65.

While both models were designed by CFMoto, they were filed through the European Union Intellectual Property Office, suggesting a market targeting outside of China. 

With the designs now registered, the electric models should be ready for launch soon.



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