CFMoto 250SR Breaks Cover

Photo credit Bennets UK
  • Here’s the CFMoto 250SR production-ready prototype.

  • It’s a race bike based on the 250NK.

  • Sources say they are working closely with KTM for this.

No, we’re kidding. That’s not the CFMoto 250SR but an Italian bike. You’d believe that for sure. But no, it’s really the CFMoto 250SR from China.

This 250SR is the race bike (hence no lights) based on the CFMoto 250NK. And again, this photo was leaked courtesy of the company’s vehicle type approval submission.

As we’ve written before, CFMoto is on a roll as they’re working hand-in-hand with KTM. In fact, this Chinese company will produce the 799cc engine for all KTM 790 models. They’ve also signed a deal to build the large capacity LC8 engines. They are also on the cusp on releasing a new 700cc model.

Therefore, KISKA’s input on design seems to be part of the parcel. KISKA designs the entire range of KTM bikes.

Anyway, back to the 250SR, the 250NK-based engine produces in 26hp in stock form. It’s a 249, single-cylinder lump.

As for the chassis, the bike utilises a tubular steel frame, upside-down forks, LED lighting and J. Juan brakes. Yes, J. Juan, as in the brakes used on the KTM 790 series.

According to Bennetts UK, the bike weighs only 165kg ready to race… er… ride. 

Source: Bennetts UK



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