Brutal Crash Videos Serve to Educate Us

  • There are many brutal crash videos on the internet.

  • Instead of using them for morbid entertainment, let us learn from them.

  • Try to identify their mistakes and stay away from them.

All videos copyright DirtBike Lunatic YouTube Channel

Beware: This is a compilation of some nasty crashes and injuries. But let’s learn from what we shouldn’t do from this brutal crash video.

The compilation is packed with bikers trying to perform stunts to grevious results. However, there are also other clips demonstrating the classic mistakes we could very well make in everyday riding.

For example, watch the clip of a supermoto rider running wide and hitting the side of a car on the opposite side of the road. That’s what happens when target fixation and ineffective steering takes hold. The rider should’ve kept his eyes through the turn. Had the corner been blind, he needs to keep drawing a line through it, regardless. Remember the principle: Look at where you want to go.

There’s another in which the rider must’ve been daydreaming. The car in front of him had signaled very early to turn into an intersection to the right but our rider just kept riding down the inside (right side) of the car.

A later clip showed a riding buddy and his motorcycle almost going over a cliff. That’s the result of entering a corner too early with too much speed. The rider would’ve target fixated the outside of the road in the resulting panic. A later entry with less speed would’ve seen him arriving safely at his destination.

The second video above opens to a famous crash in Taiwan. The rider low-sided his bike which slid into the patch of an incoming bike. Later investigations showed that the first rider had used inferior tyres, besides leaning over too much, causing his rear tyre to lose traction.

The next clip showed one of the most common dangers we are faced with. A car pulled through the intersection and our rider had nowhere to go. The lesson here is to be extra careful at intersections and don’t blast through them.

There are so many more in here. See if you could spot their mistakes and learn from them.

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