Booby Trap at Motorcycle Lane Almost Beheaded Motorcyclist

  • Mohamad Afiq posted on his Facebook account that he contacted a booby trap on a motorcycle lane.

  • A fishing line was strung across the motorcycle lane, cutting his neck and damaging his helmet.

  • The location is the near the exit from DUKE highway to Taman Rowther and Taman Koperasi Polis 1, Gombak.

Just as we were writing a retort against a case of The Star publishing a “report” complaining about motorcycles invading the main throughway on the Federal Highway, a motorcyclist’s posting on his Facebook page has gone viral when he reported that he was almost beheaded by a booby trap strung across a motorcycle lane.

Mohamad Afiq Izwan Ismail, a university student, posted that the incident occurred around 6.30pm on Monday (17th September). His neck and helmet apparently came into contact with a fishing line which was hung across the exit from DUKE highway to Taman Rowther and Taman Koperasi Polis 1 in Gombak.

“This is not a myth, as it happened to me,” he said in his post. “There’s some heartless human being who placed this trap near the corner. This is a fishing line which is rough. It’s painful!”

He echoed the concerns of many motorcyclists in the Klang Valley, as another rider was also snared by such a trap at the Federal Highway’s motorcycle lane last year. There have also been reported cases of armed robbery at night.

Mohamad Afiq posted a picture of his neck. He also claimed that his helmet (the chin strap, judging by the picture) was damaged.

“Imagine if someone sped through the lane without wearing a helmet. Wouldn’t the neck be cut?” he continued.

“A reminder to all those living in Gombak to be careful while travelling through this area especially at night.”

He had lodged a police report regarding the matter.



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