BMW Motorrad recalls motorcycle jacket & gloves?

There are a lot of recalls in the motorcycle industry, but it’s very rare that one is being posted about riding apparel. In the name of safety and comfort, BMW Motorrad did just that pertaining to an issue related to one of their motorcycle jackets and riding gloves.

For those who have purchased the Club Leather Men’s Jacket (size M) and DownTown gloves in Europe, you may return them to the nearest authorised dealership due to higher-than-legal chromium VI levels used in the production which may lead to discomfort or allergic reactions.

Below is the official recall posted by BMW Motorrad pertaining to the matter.

BMW Motorrad recalls the Club Leather Men’s Jacket and the DownTown glove in Europe

Munich. Following instructions from the Munich Regional Administrative Authority, BMW Motorrad recalls the Club Leather Men’s Jacket size M, part number 76129899222 and the DownTown glove, part number 76218560843 to 76218560849 in Europe.

The Administrative Authority refers to a random test conducted on the above-mentioned articles of a supplier by the Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Rhein-Ruhr-Wupper (Rhine-Ruhr-Wupper Veterinary Inspection Office), which allegedly detected chromium VI above the legally standardised limit. Chromium VI can cause allergic reactions in some persons.

We regret any inconvenience caused to our customers. We regularly test the leather lifestyle products we sell for chrome VI and have not detected any abnormalities to date.

Owners are asked to hand the affected items of clothing in at an authorised BMW Motorrad dealership. Irrespective of their age, affected items can be exchanged for an equivalent BMW Motorrad product.

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Written by: Sep Irran


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