BMW Motorrad Concept Definition CE 04 shows the future of motorcycling

The BMW Motorrad Concept Link at #NEXTGen 2020 showcases the future of motorcycling in the form of the BMW Motorrad Concept Definition CE 04 electric scooter. This machine which looks like something that was taken straight from the Dragon Ball Z anime presents a combination of future urban mobility and communications rolled into one.

Designed to be smart AF, the BMW Motorrad Concept Definition CE 04 is able to adapt to the rider’s every requirement by connecting both analogue and digital worlds together. With its “Plugged to life” motto, it is hoped that to bridge everyday living, urban mobility and connectivity closer than ever.

According to Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, “Electric mobility is a central drive system for the BMW Group and we are consistently relying on this technology in our sustainability strategy. Electric drives are also a current topic for BMW Motorrad, especially for the urban environment. Since 2013, we have been a pioneer in this area with the BMW C evolution scooter.”

“The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is the logical continuation of the electromobility strategy for urban conurbations and provides a concrete preview of what a contemporary production vehicle could look like, with which we will take two-wheel electric mobility in metropolitan areas to a new level, both technically and visually,” added Heinrich.

This Definition CE 04 features flat energy packs mounted in the underfloor together with a compact drive train that allows them to let their creative juices flow in terms of design. What’s also unique about this electric scooter is the fact that its storage compartment opens to the side. Unique? Yes. Utilitarian? Perhaps.

Other features include Mineral White metallic finish, U-shaped LED headlights, cooling ribs, single-sided swingarm, spring strut, tooth belt, 10.25-inch display, and functional apparel that works together with the concept electric scooter. Now that’s thinking outside of the box.

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Written by: Sep Irran


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