Being Blind is Not Impossible for Azhar Ibrahim

Azhar Ibrahim - Photo credit
  • Azhar Ibrahim was born blind but his disability didn’t stop him.

  • He has repaired motorcycles at his workshop for 10 years.

  • It was his love to hear motorcycle sounds that drove him.

It’s inspiring to see how some people have pushed through their barriers and thrive. Stories like this ought to spur us into action rather than wallow in excuses, because not being blind stopped Azhar Ibrahim from being a motorcycle mechanic.

Azhar was born visually impaired. He started loving to hear motorcycle sounds since he was seven and it drove him to start his own business. Now 36, he has operated his workshop for the past 10 years. He started repairing motorcycles after learning how from his friend in 2008.

Azhar started servicing motorcycles in front of his house, but the business took off after a number of friends and customers posted his story on Facebook.

He received an RM 11,000 aid under the Business Incentive Assistance Scheme for Disabled Persons in 2013 which enabled him to obtain more tools and build a proper workshop.

Many customers wondered how Azhar could perform under such disability but to him, “All I can say is I’m grateful for this gift from God. My mother didn’t raise me any differently from my siblings and I didn’t use a walking stick.”

While his workshop is located in front of his parents’ house, he lives along in the shop.

Azhar works along but gets his friends’ assistance to buy tools or spare parts.

He has this piece of advice, “To everyone out there, whether they have disabilities or not, keep going and never give up. We need to learn to be independent.”

Azhar’s workshop is located at Batu 6, Jalan Tanjung Tualang, Perak.

Source: The Star Online



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