Bajaj Freerider Trademark Filed In India – Another Electric Motorcycle To Launch Soon?

Bajaj Auto may be planning to introduce another electric two-wheeler to join the current Chetak range available in the country.

This was based on a new trademark filed with the name ‘Freerider’ under Class 12, which covers various mobility types, including electric vehicles.

*KTM Freerider E-XC

Since KTM has its own electric motorcycle coincidentally holds the same name, the Freerider E-XC, it further fuels speculation that the Bajaj Freerider will be an electric motorcycle.

According to reports in India, the Bajaj Freerider is likely to use the same platform from the Husqvarna E-Pilen concept, including the chassis and suspension systems.

The E-Pilen is equipped with a 10.73hp electric motor with a range of around 100km, making it suitable for urban rides.



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