ARCH Motorcycle Debuts 2019 ARCH KRGT-1

  • The ARCH KRGT-1 isn’t the usual custom power cruiser.

  • The new bike features 20 major changes and 150 newly-designed components.

  • Power is supplied by a 124 cubic inch (2032 cc) V-Twin.

  • ARCH Motorcycle Company was co-founded by Keanu Reeves.

First and foremost, California-based ARCH Motorcycle was co-founded by Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves.

Yes, Keanu Reeves a.k.a. John Wick a.k.a. Neo.

What’s different about ARCH Motorcycle and the ARCH KRGT-1 is that each bike is tailored to the ergonomic and aesthetic wishes of each customer in close partnership throughout a 90-day process.

But that’s just part of the the bike’s appeal. It’s a power cruiser that’s created to charge, brake and steer.

The new KRGT-1 includes 20 major changes and more than 150 newly-designed and manufactured components. The changes include a redesigned bodywork, upgraded suspension, ergonomic enhancements, updated brake components and safety features.

Let’s take a look at some of them.


  • Substituting guns, lots of guns, the real firepower comes from 124 good ol’ American cubic inches.
  • To us cubic centimetre devotees, that’s 2032 cc, courtesy of the ARCH X S&S V-Twin engine.
  • It started as an S&S block but was custom-engineered by ARCH to feature an in-house designed downdraft induction and proprietary K&N filter.
  • The ARCH 2-into-1 stainless steel header and exhaust ends with a Yoshimura silencer.
  • The engine is EPA (Environmental Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified.


  • It’s a cliché to say a powerful bike that couldn’t handle makes for a good artificial reef, but not the KRGT-1.
  • Race-inspired aluminium swingarm manufactured from billet — increases rigidity and reducing unsprung weight for better handling.
  • The frame utilises billet aluminium side plates where the updated swingarm pivot and engine isolation mounts are attached.

  • The rear suspension uses a fully-adjustable Öhlins shock which was made specifically for ARCH.
  • The front suspension consists of 48 mm Öhlins NIX cartridge forks. (Öhlins developed the NIX technology for World Superbike and World Supersport racing.)
  • The forks are held by new billet aluminium aluminium triple clamps.


  • The KRGT-1 uses ISR 6-piston monobloc front brake calipers.
  • The diameter of the pistons were increased for even better stopping power and feel.
  • ARCH worked directly with Bosch to develop the dual-channel ABS.


  • Redesigned fuel tank, tail section and seat to increase rider comfort.
  • The billet aluminium fuel tank has a 19 litre capacity.
  • Base of the seat is composite.
  • Redesigned, reshaped and resized cowling (flyscreen) to reduce wind buffeting.

  • Also to accommodate a new instrument panel.
  • It also complements the new J.W. Speaker Adaptive 2 headlamp.
  • Front and rear mudguards are carbon fibre.


  • Updated hand and foot controls, using Magura clutch and front brake levers.
  • Black Tek (BST) five-spoke carbon fibre wheels.

  • Michelin Commander II tyres — 120/70ZR19 front, 240/40ZR 18 rear.

“The KRGT-1 was originally designed to realize the potential and push the boundaries of what an American V-twin motorcycle could offer,” says ARCH Motorcycle co-founder Gard Hollinger. “Our new KRGT-1 stays true to the original objective while further developing and refining the motorcycle’s design and performance elements to enhance the overall riding experience.”

“The new KRGT-1 delivers on ARCH Motorcycle’s ambition: a beautiful and extraordinary machine that handles like no other motorcycle. Through the curves, down the straights, planted, confident, comfortable, it’s an unsurpassed riding experience,” says ARCH Motorcycle co-founder Keanu Reeves. “The focus on fit and finish, the detail, the execution, the exceptional quality, how the bike is made defines ARCH.”

In short, the ARCH KRGT-1 isn’t just a run-of-the-mill custom motorcycle. It’s a unique machine that oozes appeal and desirability.

No, we don’t think every purchase includes a puppy. (Sorry, we couldn’t help it.)

Please visit ARCH Motorcycle Company’s website for more details.



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