Another Teaser for Supercharged Kawasaki Z Model

Screenshot from supercharged Kawasaki Z model
  • There’s a new teaser video for a supercharged Kawasaki Z model.

  • It gives further glimpses of the new supercharged naked Ninja H2.

  • Kawasaki will be a contender in the most powerful supernaked category.

There’s a new teaser video for a supercharged Kawasaki Z model.

This time, we get a small glimpse of how the new model will look like. The footage shows a sharp front with Kawasaki’s “River Mark,” supercharger, air intake, and so forth.

There is also a new TFT screen. We could see that the new bike will include cruise control, besides the required traction control and ABS.

We could only guess how the entire bike will look like at the moment but it won’t be long until the official unveiling on 23rd October. That date happens to be the beginning of the Tokyo Motor Show.

Kawasaki uses the “Z” designation for naked bikes in their line-up. Hence the new supercharged “Z” model is the naked version of the Ninja H2. As the 2019 Ninja H2 produces 231HP, we could only wait with bated breath to find out how much power will this bike make. This is the chance for manufacturer to claim the supernaked title. That honour is currently held by the 2019 KTM 1290 Super Duke R, whose engine produces 177 HP and 141 Nm of torque.

Ducati will also unveil their new Streetfighter V4 on the same date in their Ducati 2020 World Premiere. Based on the Panigale V4 which punches out 214 HP, Ducati is also on the path to introduce a contender for the most powerful supernaked.

The fight is on! 



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