Andrea Dovizioso Takes Over Motocross Circuit In Italy

Ex-MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso now owns the Monte Coralli motocross circuit in Faenza, Italy, after the tender for the track management was won by the rider’s company, RPM. 

  • Andrea Dovizioso now owned the Monte Coralli motocross circuit in Faenza, Italy.
  • Dovizioso plans to turn the track into a complete off-road facility. 

As a result of the takeover, the Crossdromo Monte Coralli will now be named ’04 Park – Monte Coralli di Faenza, paying homage to the Italian’s MotoGP race number.

Interestingly, Dovizioso plans to turn the track into something more than just a motocross circuit. It will become a circuit complete with facilities focusing on off-road motorcycling. 

That said, the track will also house the Italian Motorcycle Federation’s (FMI) Technical Centre, which will feature an office, classroom and motorcycle garage used to train riders and technicians.

“This is a dream I’ve had for years. And when you have the chance to realise a dream like this, on a track like Monte Coralli, which for me has always been a reference (as well as being close to home), it really seems that all the pieces to complete that desire have fit perfectly. 

“04 Park – Monte Coralli is an exaggerated place, very large and in which we want to carry out important projects. I would like it to become a place where off-road enthusiasts, and not only, can meet, interact and share experiences, having fun. We will organise events and competitions. 

“You can come there to tour or simply to spend a different day, in an environment made of and with passion. 04 Park – Monte Coralli is an ambitious project, a terrain in which off-road, mini cross and pump track will coexist and evolve together at the highest level, in a ‘full gas’ atmosphere,” said the former Ducati MotoGP rider.



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