7 Bikers Dead After Being Hit by Pickup Truck

Photo credit WGAL-TV
  • 7 bikers died after a pickup truck rammed into their convoy.

  • The tragedy happened only 500 feet (152m) from their bed and breakfast.

  • 3 more were injured and hospitalized.

While this tragedy happened half a world away in New Hampshire, USA, we as bikers ourselves could not escape the gravitas of the news of 7 bikers being killed by a pickup truck.

The riders had just left their bed and breakfast stay on their Harley-Davidsons. As they convoyed heading east, a Dodge 2500 pickup truck rammed into the group from the opposite direction. The convoy had gotten only as far as 500 feet (152 metres) from where they left.

Owner of the bed and breakfast, Jerry Hamanne said, “It was so devastating to see the bodies on the road. My God, I don’t want to see something like this again.”

The impact threw bikes, debris and the riders all over the road. One survivor said all she saw was grass and fire.

Passersby stopped to help the injured by administering first aid and calling the emergency services. Three persons survived the crash, two of them have since been released from hospital.

The police have not released the cause of the accident and no arrests were made, as of today. They issued a statement that the accident is still under investigation.

The riders were reported to be part of The Jarheads MC. “Jarheads” is the colloquial term for the United States Marines’ troopers.



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