5 Reasons to Mount Your Device with OPTI-LINE

  • Need to mount your smartphone or devices to your bike?

  • Check out these products by OPTI-LINE.

  • They are of high quality without costing a bomb.

Mounting your smartphone or a GPS device on the bike isn’t a big thing these days. However, it’s goes without saying that we need to mount our all-important phone on sturdy and secure mounts, such as these from OPTI-LINE.

Here are the reasons why.

1. Sturdy mounting

Let’s start with the actual mounts – the part which is attached to the bike. There are a number of solutions here but let’s take the usual handlebar mount.

The clamp at the base is split in two, with the bottom part shaped liked an “U.” The upper part slots into the “U” to clamp onto the handlebar, while the shoulders carry the Allen bolts. Together, they form a solid base to carry phone mountings and case.

Furthermore, Allen bolts are not easy for thieves to loosen and steal the mount.


The innovative DUO-LOCK system allows you to attach and detach your OPTI-LINE phone mount quickly. Easy attachment and detachment mean you don’t have waste time in fumbling around. Easy detachment also allows you to remove the mount and store it somewhere safe when you park your bike.

Once the mount is locked on, it’s secure and won’t be blown off the bike.

3. Safety cable included for case and mount

OPTI-LINE phone case and mount include safety cables.

A clip hooks up to the case or phone mount, while the other end loops around the handlebar. That way, it provides extra security to keep the case or mount from falling off the bike altogether.

4. Many choices

OPTI-LINE offers many mounting choices and solutions. Apart from the usual handlebar mount, there are also the Stick Swivel which glues on directly to any surface; Opti Arm which mounts the base of the mirror; Screw Mount which utilizes to the handlebar clamp; Mirror mount with clamps to the mirror stalk.

There is also the handlebar-mounted USB charger which has a waterproof cover. It’s especially useful for keeping your device charged.

There are also high-quality cables for your devices including micro USB, Apple 8-pin and USB Type-C types.

5. Good value for money

OPTI-LINE products are built to the highest quality in the interest of keeping your smartphone or device in place. But perhaps best of all is the price which are surprisingly affordable.

We have seen lower quality products that cost almost as much as OPTI-LINE products in the market, so why don’t you invest a little more for something that’s of much higher quality and it proven to work?

We have.

Where to buy

OPTI-LINE products are listed in our BikesRepublic.com e-commerce site.

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the Opti-Case Universal Smartphone Case.

Opti-Case Universal Smartphone Case

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the Opti-Case Air Flow Universal Smartphone Holder.

OPTI-LINE Opti-Case Air Flow Universal Phone Holder

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the Opti Action Cam Fixing Base.

OPTI-LINE Opti Action Cam Fixing Base

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the Opti Stick Swivel Adhesive Mount.

OPTI-LINE Opti Stick swivel adhesive mount

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the Opti Arm mount with flexible arm.

OPTI-LINE Opti Arm smartphone case mount with flexible arm

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the Opti Handle Bar Mount.

OPTI-LINE Opti Handle Handlebar Mount

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the Opti Screw Mount with M8 Screw.

OPTI-LINE Opti Screw mount

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the Opti Mirror Smartphone Case Mount.

OPTI-LINE Opti Mirror smartphone case mount

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the OPTI-LINE Handle Bar Mounted USB Fast Charger.

OPTI-LINE Handlebar mounted USB charging hub

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the OPTI-LINE Apple 8-pin spring cable.

OPTI-LINE Apple 8-pin Spring Cable

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the OPTI-LINE Micro USB spring cable.

OPTI-LINE Micro USB Spring Cable

Please click >>> HERE <<< for the OPTI-LINE USB Type-C spring cable.

OPTI-LINE USB Type-C Spring Cable

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