2023 Kawasaki H2R To Launch Soon 

Kawasaki UK has officially opened their order books for the 2023 Kawasaki H2R, signalling the arrival of one of the most powerful production motorcycles from Team Green.

  • Kawasaki H2R is a track-only supercharged machine developed by Kawasaki next to the road-legal H2.
  • The H2R makes 326hp and claims a top speed of 380km/h. 

While further detail remains scarce but with more than 300hp, the H2R represents what every manufacturer can do when given the utmost freedom. 

Thanks to its supercharged four-cylinder engine that consumes 200 litres of air a second, Kawasaki claimed the H2R could hit a max speed of 380km/h. 

Nevertheless, we expect the 2023 model year to receive minor upgrades, considering the track-only H2R was already ahead of its time during its introduction in 2015.

The H2R is 20kg lighter than the stock (and road legal) H2 and features slick tyres and a full titanium exhaust. 

We expect the H2R to continue to feature top-notch track components, including Ohlins suspension, KYB shocks and Brembo brakes.

According to Kawasaki UK, interested parties can submit their order for the 2023 Kawasaki H2R with a recommended selling price of GBP50,000 (RM262k). 



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