2023 Honda CBR250RR SP Launch In Indonesia – Higher Compression Ratio, 42hp

Honda has introduced the new CBR250RR SP in Indonesia, packed with advanced features and upgrades that promise to enhance the sportbike’s performance and style. 

  • The 2023 Honda CBR250RR SP now features higher compression ratio and a power bump. 
  • The quarter-litre sportsbike is fitted with Showa’s BPF front forks and a quickshifter as standard.

The new version of the popular model, boasts an improved compression ratio of 12.5:1, which translates to a power increase to 42 horsepower at 13,000 rpm a slight increase from 40hp previously. 

The CBR250RR SP’s engine is now equipped with a quickshifter, a feature that has never been seen before in small-displacement sportbikes. 

The bike also boasts updated suspension components, featuring a Showa BPF front fork, similar to what’s found on bigger bikes like the CBR500R and CBR650R. Despite the CBR250RR’s smaller size and weight of just 170 kilograms, it features a single rotor up front and at the rear with dual-channel ABS.

The CBR250RR SP is equipped with a fully digital display, LED lights at the front and back, and a throttle-by-wire system that offers multiple riding modes. 

Small-displacement sportbikes may not be the most exciting motorcycles on the market, but the CBR250RR SP’s advanced features and performance upgrades make it a compelling option for those seeking a thrilling ride on the track or a tight twisty road. 

The Asian market is no stranger to sportbikes, and Honda’s latest offering is sure to turn heads with its impressive features and sleek design.



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