2021 MV Agusta Brutale And Dragster RR Launched With Major Updates!

MV Agusta has officially revealed the updated Brutale RR, RR SCS, Rosso and Dragster RR for 2021.

The two triple-cylinder naked sportsbike have received extensive updates mostly focusing on the engine, frame and suspension.

*MV Agusta Brutale Rosso

The 798cc engine on the Brutale and Dragster are now Euro 5, thanks to the reworked done with the counter-rotating crankshaft to reduce friction.

*MV Agusta Brutale RR

The crankshaft and conrod now use micro-bored bearings, which require less oil than the conventional bearings, which leads to a lower amount of work the oil pump needs to do, which subsequently reduced energy wastage.

*MV Agusta Dragster 2021

Other improvement includes a new electronic control unit, reinforced clutch and 3rd-generation EAS semi-automatic transmission.

Both the motorcycle also received a redesigned frame that is now stiffer with the bikes also boast new suspension setup as standard including a more comfortable seat and a steering damper.

*MV Agusta Dragster 2021

Nevertheless, the iconic triple exhaust still presents, and in our books, that’s enough for MV Agusta to received an A-plus!

Other significant improvements are as follows:

  • 43mm Marzocchi fork
  • newly improved 6-axis IMU
  • Continental MK100 ABS
  • front lift control
  • 5.5″ TFT Screen with MV Ride App Connectivity System
  • launch control
  • MV Agusta Smart Clutch System (SCS) 2.0
  • LED lights


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