2020 Yamaha NMax 155 launched in Indonesia

The Yamaha small-capacity line-up gets quite an update for the Indonesian market thanks to the introduction of the new 2020 Yamaha NMax 155 scooter. With a huge following here in Malaysia, fans will be glad to know that the new NMax is not just an updated model with refreshed looks.

Looking at the design, the 2020 Yamaha NMax still carries the same design DNA but with enhancements that many will welcome with open arms. For starters, it is now fitted with all-round LED lights as well as hazard lights for added safety and visibility.

The meter panel is now a fully digital unit which comes with the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect Bluetooth connectivity that allows riders to connect their smartphone to the new scooter. The maxi-styled scooter design has a slight change to give the 2020 NMax a more refreshed look for today’s riders to enjoy.

Like the current NVX, the new 2020 Yamaha NMax is also fitted with a keyless smart key system with Immobilizer and Answer Back functions for added usability and ease. In terms of power output, the 2020 NMax produces 15hp (11.3kW) @ 8,000rpm and 13.9Nm of torque @ 6,500rpm.

That’s a slight increase in power with lower torque output for a smoother riding experience. That power is produced via a 155cc single-cylinder, four-stroke-DOHC engine with Blue Core VVA technology which has been proven to be exciting, reliable, and durable for everyday use.

Other major updates include:

  • 7.1-litre fuel tank
  • Electric power socket
  • Smart Motor Generator
  • Stop & Start System
  • Traction Control System
  • Dual-Channel ABS
  • Sub-tank rear suspension
  • Multifunction under-seat storage

No price has been announced just yet for the Indonesian market but looking again at all the specs and updates, we’re confident that it’ll be a huge success in terms of sales. With the current NMax here in Malaysia getting more dated by the day, we’re counting down the days as to when this beauty will be made available on our Malaysian shores. Soon, we hope!



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