2019 TVS Apache RR 310 Launched in India

  • The 2019 TVS Apache RR 310 was just launched in India.

  • It now has a slipper clutch.

  • A new Phantom Black colour option is also added.

The 2019 TVS Apache RR 310 was just launched in India.

The bike had previously been thought as the “RR” version for the BMW G 310 series, but it turned out to be otherwise.

New for 2019 is a slipper clutch which is starting to be the standard equipment in bikes from 250cc and upwards. A slipper clutch avoids the rear wheel from locking up and hopping during aggressive downshifting. It also allows for smoother corner entries, hence higher mid-corner speeds – something which lightweight motorcycles need.

There was no mention of an assist function, however. Opposite of the slipper function, an assist function squeezes the clutch plates together during acceleration. Consequently, clutch pull is lighter.

A new colour is also available for the 2019 version called “Phantom Black.” The previous year’s paint scheme already includes a black option. However, the 2019 Phantom Black has red stripes, making the bike look racier.

The 312.2cc single-cylinder engine produces 34 hp and 27.3 Nm of torque. Pretty healthy for a single.

We’ve oft-wondered if TVS Malaysia will bring in the Apache RR 310. They ought to if there is enough demand.



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