2016 Malaysian Cub Prix Round 10 Results

Mohd Akid Aziz Crowned CP115 Champion.

Mohd Akid Aziz has been declared the overall CP115 Champion after winning the final round of the Petronas AAM Malaysian Cub Prix held in Taiping, Perak last Sunday.


It was a triumphant win for Akid Aziz and quite an easy one as well during the final CP115 race for 2016. With him winning the championship, he also brought home the fourth title for Petronas Yamaha Maju Motor Team. Akid Aziz finished the race almost three seconds ahead of the runner up, Azroy Hakeem Anuar from Givi Honda Yuzy Racing and Akid’s own team mate, Md Haziq Fairues, who completed the podium in third.


The 25 points collected by Akid with the final race win accumulated to a total of 151 points for the entire season, giving the fourth title for the team after Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin dominated the CP130 category and also the team titles for both CP130 and CP115.

“I feel very happy as everything went well this weekend. Even though I only needed to finish eighth to win the championship, I saw the opportunity to win the race and took it at the very beginning of the race. I would like to thank my team, sponsors, family and supporters who had worked hard all season” stated Akid after the race.


The Petronas Yamaha Maju Motor team also celebrated Md Haziq’s overall second placing in the championship with a total of 124 points. Tengku Amirul Haffirudin from the Motul Zeneos Yamaha YY Pang outfit finished the season in third with a close 121 points.


Mohd Shafiq Ezzariq from the Idemitsu Kozi Yam Honda Racing has won the Wira Champion title. Even though he finished the race in fifth position, it was more than enough for him to be crowned as Wira Champion.

This makes it the third win in a row for the Idemitsu Kozi Yam Honda Racing outfit with Shafiq’s achievement last Sunday. Harith Farhan won the class last season and Khairul Idham Pawi in 2014.



Meanwhile in the premier class, Ahmad Afif Amran (Petronas Yamaha-CKJ) won the final race of the CP130 category before they move to a bigger and more exciting 150cc machines starting in the 2017 season. Md Zaqhwan Zaidi (Givi Honda Yuzy Racing) finished second and Abd Muhaimin Roslan (Petronas Yamaha Maju Motor) completed the podium in third.

The overall CP130 champion, Kasma Danial Kasmayudin and runner up Ahmad Fazli Sham who were crowned earlier in the season were unfortunate to suffer mechanical issues and were unable to finish the race.


Kasma Daniel completed the 2016 season with a very comfortable lead at 178 points. Ahmad Fazli Sham finished second overall with 136 points and Norizman Ismail from Harian Metro Y-TEQ SCK Honda Racing gained the third overall spot with 108 points.


The final race of the season draws its curtains close with a whopping 60,000 visitors last weekend. The next season will start again in March 2017. We look forward to the new and improved 150cc SuperCub category which will definitely draw in more crowd and attention to this race division.

You can check out the demo race featuring the new premier class machines plus the results standings below.

2016 AAM Malaysia Petronas Cub Prix, Round 10 Results


Final Race:

  1. Ahmad Afif Amran (TRG) Yamaha 18’27.321s
  2. Md Zaqhwan Zaidi (SGR) Honda 18’28.537s
  3. Abd Muhaimin Roslan (SGR) Yamaha 18’34.219s

Overall Position:

  1. Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin (JHR) Yamaha 178 points
  2. Ahmad Fazli Sham (PRK) Yamaha 136 points
  3. Norizman Ismail (SGR) Honda 108 points


Final Race:

  1. Md Akid Aziz (KUL) Yamaha 15’35.252s
  2. Azroy Hakeem Anuar (KUL) Honda 15’38.205s
  3. Md Haziq Md Fairues (SGR) Yamaha 15’55.336s

Overall Position:

  1. Md Akid Aziz (Kul) Yamaha 151 points
  2. Md Haziq Md Fairues (SGR) Yamaha 124 points
  3. Tengku Amirul Haffirudin (TRG) Yamaha 121 points


Final race:

1 Md Qhuwarismi Md Nasir (PNG) Yamaha 12’56.030s

2 Saiful Azhary Muhamad (JHR) Honda 12’57.904s

3 Md Ibrahim Md Norrodin (JHR) Yamaha 13’00.311s

Overall Position:

1 Md Shafiq Ezzariq (SGR) Honda  187 points

2 Md Helmi Azman (SGR) Yamaha 166 points

3 Md Qhuwarismi Md Nasir (PNG) 128 points



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